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Workforce Training >> Excel to the Max
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This course is designed for intermediate to advanced user. In the class you will learn the following: Understand Absolute References • Work with relative and absolute references • Create and use Absolute References Create and use Named Ranges • Navigate with named ranges • Use named ranges in formulas • Print using range names Working with multiple pages in a workbook • Group sheets • Navigate multiple sheets • Link multiple sheets Advanced formulas • The IF Function • The Vlookup Function • Text Functions • The Concatenate Function Working with Dates • Understand date serial numbers • Create date formats • The Now Function • The Today Function Charting • Creating a chart • Modifying charts • Create user defined charts Database Functions • Sorting • Custom Sorts • Filtering • Create And/Or Conditions • Automatic Subtotaling • Pivot Tables Customizing the Work Area • Add, Delete and Rearrange toolbar buttons • Working with Styles • Creating and Using Templates • Learn shortcuts Working with Macros • Running macros • Recording macros • The Basics of VBA • Viewing and Editing macro